Barry Weiss’ cars

Anyone who’s watching Storage Wars, must know The Collector. Barry Weiss, an excentric man who always spend big money on crappy storage units, just to take some colectable item.
And we know what cars he drove.
Let’s see what kind of cars Barry has. Oh, by the way, his fortune is 8 milion USD!

Beatnik Custom Hot Rod
The Beatnik started out as a 1955 Ford and then was transformed into the world’s largest bubble top custom car, like the the original Beatnik Bandit. It features a Cadillac front end and a very futuristic interior along with and exposed engine. The car took 3 years to build.
bw-1 bw-2

Barry Weiss’ 1946 custom Cadillac
This car is a beauty. It’s my favorite one. Just look at it. LOOK! Hands down Barry, this one is a gem!
bw-3 bw-4

1940 Ford COE Truck
An ordinary mini truck was rebuild to look like this. New engine, restored transmission. what do you want more from your truck? An 18 wheeler?
barry-weiss-ford-coe-600x450 barry-weiss-coe-truck-600x450

Blastolene Decko Liner
Want something biiger than a truck? but still lokking awesome? Well, Barry has the solution. A bus! Blastolene Decko Liner. This man is full of surprise!

Barry Weiss’ house

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