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AsfaltTango1I just watched for the 4th time the Asphalt Tango movie, one of the greatest Romanian movies ever made.
The plot is relative simple. A married man follows his wife all around the country, as she fled her home to follow the dream for a better life in Paris, as a cabaret dancer. The year is 1995, 5 years of democracy after 40 or so of communism. So, the dream for better living is alive and kicking well. As the massive hordes of Romanians fled the country between 1993 and 1997, so is Dora, the wife from the movie.
She and another 10 girls are convinced by Marion, the PR of a francais cabaret looking for talents in est Europe. And why est Europe? Because it’s cheaper to hire a bulgarian, a romanian or a polish girls, rather than a french one, born and breed in France.
So, cheap labor + a lot of paying cabaret customers = big earnings for the cabaret owners.
Marion, a versatile ex cabaret girl, was strict in a couple of things. All girls must know french and none should be married, just for eliminate awkward situations, which is the plot in the movie.
Dora left her home, charmed by Marion’s promises, and left her husband alone, with an empty closet, and a letter noticed him that she wants more from life, and that “more” he isn’t going to offer her. A semi-goodbye letter.
The movie is a continuous race against time, as Andrei is trying to stop his wife to pass the border. On the way he is stopped by police, by a bum, and all sort of things are trying to get in his way.
And all this for his beloved wife that doesn’t give a f***…

At the end, the movie will have a sort of happy end. I mean, Andrei is booked by the police, as his wife is smiling from the bus end, while the bus pass the border, in Hungary, on the way to France. But, where is that happy end there? You need to find out by yourselves, because the movie worth it!

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