21 dintre mașinile lui Jay Leno

Despre Jay Leno se spune că are mai multe mașini decât perechi de ciorapi. Și pe bună dreptate, căci omul are depozite întregi pline cu mașini. Unele banale, iar altele chiar rarități. Și azi vă arăt 21 dintre mașinile lui, una mai rară decât alta. Ariel Atom (electrică)

Amazing spring!

Finally, the spring is here. And when we can take the most beautiful photos of nature? In the spring, when nature comes to life again, after the white winter reign. And so, I have here some exquisit pictures of nature, in the spring. A multitude of colors, blooming trees, and flowers. And if you want…

Sellotape selfie

What’s the latest weird trend on the internet? It’s called Sellotape selfie, or Sellofie. After months of Gangnam Style, Harlem shake, and lately Happy by Pharrell Williams, now the trend is sticking your face with sellotape, in the weirdest way, take a selfie and upload in onto facebook. So, here’s a sample of those Sellofies….

Best looking PC ever!

Let’s have a look at what are the best looking PC cases ever. And i say best looking, not the best on FPS or 6 ghz processor, 10 SLI videocards etc. Just the best looking cases. We have some crazy cases here. The pyramid case, the Cyclop case, the Batmobile case…, even Matrix/ alient PC…

Visit Hannover

So, if you’re in Germany, you need to visit Hannover. Let’s see some of the tourist attractions. Center of finance. Grimm market. Christmas market, held in front of the train station. Hannover 96 stadium. Expo 2000.