Charity Auction at Herrenhausen Palace

Herrenhausen Palace
Herrenhausen Palace and the Herrenhausen Gardens represent a worthy backdrop for the works that are to be auctioned. The palace, which was destroyed some 70 years ago, was rebuilt in 2013 as a modern conference centre and museum; this has restored the intended architectural focal point to the world-famous Herrenhausen Gardens.

On 14 November Herrenhausen Palace in Hannover will provide the venue for a top-ranking charity auction to raise funds for Emden’s celebrated art gallery, the Kunsthalle Emden. Works by such world-famous artists as Pablo Picasso, Gerhard Richter and Georg Baselitz are to come under the hammer.

From 6 p.m. onwards, live in the Auditorium of the Palace, the head of Christie’s Deutschland, Christiane Gräfin zu Rantzau, will be auctioning some 40 works – oil paintings on canvas, works on paper, photographs and sculptures – that have been made available by celebrated artists specially for the occasion. About the same number again will be offered in a “silent auction”.

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