The Dance of Life – Latino Dance

dance_latinLatin American dance is dance traditions of Mexico, Central America, and the portions of South America, as well as the Caribbean colonized by the Spanish and the Portuguese. These traditions reflect the distinctive dances of indigenous, African, and European influences that have mixed throughout the region over time. When i was a young boy, and look out the window at the sunshine, the expansive blue skies and magical clouds. That was freedom, with no responsibilities! Somewhere along the way, I began to remember and learned about cause and effect. Suddenly some limitations came into existence. And i remember a quate from a movie:

If a butterfly flapped its wings in Texas, a storm might happen in another part of the world, like Japan.

And, in my mind, i realised that Japan is often struck by tsunami because of butterflies in America!

Continuing to grow and mature, I learned to reason and apply my own critical thinking to situations that may or may not happen. I was creating a new reality within the context of my mind and my past experiences. The horror!

All my life i see dances all around me. Since i’m part of the MTV generation (born in 1980), the TV was my best friend, i learn english from Cartoon Network. And if my english is kinda rusty now, is because i didn’t have it in class since 1999…

So, dances. I was amazed by rap music, by rap videos, and sometimes by latino dancers. So sexy women!
But, even if i was amazed by sensuality of the dance, i never learned how to dance. A lot of lady friends tried to teach me how to dance. I was awful so i let the dance for others.

I remember when i got marry, i had to dance. Imagine a bigger shame that have no idea how to dance with your wife. When another 50 or so people look at the fresh married couple!

one day i hope i’ll be able to take my wife for a dance, under the moon. That hing is considered romantic by most women. And if you are new in this thing called romance, that’s a free advice from me: take her in the park, buy her flowers, and dance with her. Even if you, like me, have no idea how to dance. Ask she if she’s willing to teach you. But that after some months of dating, no sooner, or some of them will dump you.

And if you want to learn to dance before ask her to dance, you have some options:
– Ask a friend to teach you. Preferably a lady friend.
– Take some good dance lessons. And you will be able to dance even better than she. Guaranteed success!

And if you want to learn how to dance at your wedding, search “cursuri de dans nunta“. A professional team of dancers will help you to learn then masterize the dance.
That will help you and your marriage.

C’mon, let’s dance along. Don’t wait. Life is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “The Dance of Life – Latino Dance

  1. interesant articolul…dansul in schimb e una din pasiunile pe care le-as fi dorit accesibile in copilaria mea…n-a fost sa fie asa!!

    1. We had dance teachers even in Ceausescu era. But they weren’t affordable and they teach only popular dance, not modern dances. Something weird in the comunist era, like here:

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