Europa report

Wow! That’s the word i can describe “Europa Report” movie. It’s just astonishing, mind blowing masterpiece.
I kid you not, this movie beats “Gravity” by far. It’s a combination between Gravity and Sphere.

In a near future, a team of six scientist from ESP (Europe Spacial Program – or something like that) are sent to one of Jupiter’s moons, called Europa. Europa is all covered in ice, and the main belief is that under ice is water. And, since the life on Earth, started on water, so the water on other planets are almost host for life.

The team passed the moon, further than any man has gone before, and the transmission stops. The base didn’t knew what happened. But, online camera on the starship (called Europe One), captured all the story.
The communications with Earth were cut off by a solar storm. While tried to fix the comm module, one of the team members was sprayed with hydrazine, a very toxic and corrosive material, used as fuel. And if he entered the capsule, all the air in there will be toxic. So, he saved the other scientist, by pushing him into the capsule, just in time, as his oxygen level reached his lower limit.
And this is how the team remained in 5 members from original 6.


When they landed, they miss their target landing zone by 100 meters. They decided to drill the ice to research. After the few meters (from 2800 in depth – the ice thickness in that point) of drilling, the ice started to shake. Like something didn’t want them there. One of the pilots see for a brief moment a flickering light outside, but failed to catch it on camera. After the ice was breached, and the probe hits the water, something strange happens…
The video shown how an underwater light come to the top and then hit the probe, destroying it.

Then silence, nothing happens, and they decided to sen out a scientist for manually get samples from the ice. and as they discovered an single-cell algae, trapped into ice (yes, an extraterrestrial), the ice started to glow all around the scientist, then the ice broke and the last images were shown the scientists face as she watched terrified in front of her, while trapped under ice.

The movie is one of the best thrillers about other space i’ve ever seen.

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