eagleI always believe that Germany is a great power, both military and economic. We all remember the germanic tribes. For instance, when in my 5th grade started to learn english, the teacher and the kids spoke it like it was the native language. I changed schools, and in 2-4 grade i learn french.
so, the first time i hear english, in the 5th grave, i was amazed. I was thinking:
– Why all of them are speaking in german? This isn’t the english class?

And that’s because english is a germanic language.

We move along, until the 30’s. When Germany was an economic mess. Then Hitler tried to revive the great Germany that was long before that. We all know he failed the war, but Germany started to grow. From bombed out Berlin, now is one of the best looking capitals in Europe. And since WW2, the Germany’s economical power grown.

Hitler had a great idea though. He took a french car and demanding his factory to build a car like that, capable to transport two adults and 3 children at top speed of 100 km/h. so, the Volkswagen (people’s car) was born. And now, Volkswagen is one of the biggest companies in the world.

But now, i see a Germany depending of russian natural gas. About 45% of Germany’s used gas comes from Russia, through North Stream, a german-russian construction that costs 80 million USD.

And now, Germany the half-depending russian country can’t put the foot down in front of Putin’s ineptitudes and attacks in Ukrain. While majority of Europe condemns Russia for its actions, Merkel, now the leader of Germany, is ripped in half. Half with West, because Germany is in EU and NATO, and half with East, because it depends on russian gas.

And now, i’m asking myself: Germany is still a great power?
On the paper it is, but at diplomatic level, it is in the mud, under the russian boots…

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