Homeless lottery winner

We all seen good people before. But every time we see a clip like this, we share a tear. Or, at least, I am…
A homeless man receives a “winning” lottery ticket. Little that he knows, the lottery ticket isn’t a winner by any means. The money is from a good youtuber guy. And he is helped by a store clerk to pull this little good prank off. And the homeless receives 1000 USD for that ticket.
And if you ask why give that amount of money to a homeless, beside the good deed itself, is because the homeless man “is a nice, respectable guy“.
See his reactions! Speachless!

Better yet, the guys have raised over 40.000 USD for Eric (the homeless man). If you want to help, here’s the fund raising. I want to know what they are gonna do next…

L.E. Eric has a job now, and a… house! Read more!

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