Irish drinking bet

A wealthy Texan oil tycoon made his way to Ireland one day, as he walked into an Irish pub there he made a declaration to all them that were in the room. He pulled out a wad of five-thousand dollars in cash and placed it on the bar. He said,

I hear you Irish can drink, so I put to you the challenge that not one of y’all can drink five hundred shots back to back. If you pull it off I’ll give you this here five thousand dollars.

The room grew quiet and no one made a sound. At first it appeared that perhaps one man would accept the challenge but he rose to his feet and swiftly walked out. The Texan smiled to himself thinking he had won his bet though about a half hour later the same Irish man who had gone out earlier walked back into the pub and back up to the bar. He placed his money on the bar next to the Texan’s stack of bills and said.

Alright, I’ll take your bet!

The bartender lined up five hundred shots of whiskey and sure enough the Irish man swallowed them down in record time. The Texan tipped back his hat and handed the challenger his winnings, as he did so he asked him.

Say, outta curiosity, where’d you go for that half hour?

The Irish man laughed then replied,

Oh that! I went to the bar across the street to see if I could really do it first!

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