League of legends kills chinese mom?

In Gkouantziouan province, a mother discovered that the 16 years old son didn’t return to home from school, but went into a local net cafe to play League of Legends.
The crazy mom (excuse me, but to do what she did next, she’s crazy) took her son and went to Tzialingk river, where she threatened him that will put an end to her life if he doesn’t come straight home from school next day. After he wasn’t convinced about his moms threats, she jumped into Tzialingk river, just to be more convincing.

She was swept away by the currents and drowned. As the father came home short after, he kicked his boy and yell at him. The boy… jumps on the river also. Despite the searches conducted by authorities, thei body has never been found, and they are presumed dead.

Sources: kotaku.com, www.gameslife.gr
So, here’s the news. In China, some crazy mom jumps on river, ar a desperate measure of stopping her kid play LOL. What happened with the good old beating the sh*t out that kid with a stick? Or a flip-flop. When i wasn’t playing attention to my mom, i got some flip flops into my back… Next to some sweet words, like “i’m very very disappointed of you!”. I tell you, one of the best ways to be listened by your kid is to say you’re disappointed of him. That works over 90% of the time.
I really know this is not to laugh, but at this kind of news, all i have to say is… LOL!
Now i’m starting a new game, despite all the massive lag i have. I really need an extra 4GB of ram.
Maybe i’ll get it before 1 august, my birthday. Wish me luck… Or i’ll trow some idiot moms into the Danube.
jax jinx

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