Nokia Superman?

Since Microsoft buyed Nokia a while ago, i see them boys doing something that shows a nice “out of the box” thinking. I mean Nokia X and Nokia XL. Finally, a android Nokia. Something that if was done 1 year ago, the finnish company was home free about bankruptcy. At least on the phones division. But since Nokia died running Symbian, why do we cry about?
Now, they (I don’t even know who’s they – Nokia or Microsoft?) leaked some info about a 4,7 inches smartphone, packing 2 ghz Ram running android OS.

Nobody knows much more specs, or even how that terminal will look like, but the front camera will be a 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera.
And that’s because the Selfie trend was adopted even by head of states, business mens, and army officials.
We don’t know nothing yet about the back camera. It could be a flip side camera (like in old Ericsson Z800 model, or much recently Allview P7 Xtreme), or cold be a regular 8 mpx camera. I can’t wait until a 5 inches screen, android running Nokia, with 41 mpx back camera. That will be a best seller!

It will be a nice phone to have, and i can already see nostalgics looking at him, undet the name Lumia (not Nokia) and thinking what i already told you earlier:
– If only Nokia started using android one year ago… If only… If only!

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