Party like a rockstar tonight, then have a baby!

sophie-1A funny news from United Kingdom. A size 10 party girl was feeling sick all of the sudden and rush to hospital. Her big surprise was when she woke up. She just gave birth to a baby boy!

Never knew about the pregnancy. Not her friends, parents, not even her!

The carer had no idea she was expecting a baby and had remained in her size 10 clothes as she carried on partying with her friends.
She added friends and family members could not believe it when she arrived home with her 5lbs 8oz son
“, named Thomas.

Sophie was still enjoying frequent nights out drinking with friends.
She said: “I was still going out and getting drunk with my friends while I was pregnant – I had no idea I was pregnant, obviously.
“I was still wearing crop-tops and mini skirts. I didn’t have a bump or anything.”

The mothers name is Sophie Aldridge, the infant’s name is Thomas, but i’m concerned about who’s the father? Nobody seems to know yet, it’s a mystery.

Furthermore, i see that the original news was on 1st of april, so id could be just a hoax, an april fool. But then, a lot of others news sutes take the news as a good valid one.
What is you opinion? Can a woman be pregnant for 9 months and had no visible bumps on her belly, nor the morning sickness, like the majority of women?
sophie-2 rockstar
And on another point of view… Emil Calinescu is pregnant? I know him for 3 years. If so, that’s the longest pregnancy in the world… Or is just body fat?

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