Playing with invisible ink

How much fun can have with a simple pen? I believe after everyone’s experience, not too much, but if you have some pens which write with invisible ink, or some kind of ink which disappear after a while.. the things are different.

One day I was so bored that I decided to go on ebay and search for cheap things which I do not know that I need untill I see them. After ten or so minutes, after browsing through millions of products, I find a pen that writes with invisible ink. I read the description and I can not believe what I see. I have never seen such a pen before. It says that it writes with a special invisible ink, visible only to one type of light.

I did not wait for too much and I have ordered one. I think it took three weeks to arrive. In this time I checked the mail four times a day, eagerly waiting. The day it arrived, I used half of the ink. I liked it so much that I started making different plans about the way I will use it.

After this, I have found another kind of pen. This was writing like a pen but the ink disappears after two weeks. Just imagine how stressed could be your colleague after you borrow him such a pen, two weeks before an exam. Probably it`s not as exciting as the invisible ink, but it is still a very good idea for a gift.

I also found some UV flashlights, only with such a light it is possible to see the invisible ink. In the same shop I also found UV ink for printers. I am really curious if they are compatible with my Epson printer.

I wish in the near future to buy an UV neon. It looks amazing, although in the first ten or fifteen minutes, you`ll have a strange sensation as you could not see well. After you get used to it, there won`t be any other discomforts. Fortunately, this kind of light does not affect you vision, so, it`s pretty safe.

I knew about this products for a long time, but I can`t say that I was interested in them. The truth is that I did not even know how they really are, I knew a few things only about UV neon which I see in every club and about those flashlights which bankers use to check the banknotes.

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