Quit smoking! Practical guide.

smoking-300x199Smoking kills! Everyone knows that, but few are capable to quit smoking once and for all. Mostly of them pause smoking for 2-3 months or even 1 years, but then start again, due dreams (my wife re-started smoking after having the same dream night after night – she was smoking), or because of the entourage.
Over the internet we found out a lot of “working” receipts, 100% tested and working. I dont’t tell you they are non-working, but works only on some people. Some quit smoking after intoxicating with nicotine (smoke 4-5 packs in 2 hours). This isn’t a good idea, because all that nicotine and tar, so fast introduced into your system may cause heart or breathing failure, then death.
So, without further bla-bla, i give you the ultimate smoking quitting method.

eatYou need 1 or two cigarettes, and a cracker.

Take one cigarette, rip off the filter, then EAT IT! Eat the cigarette, not the filter. If the taste is awful, eat the cracker mixed with the cigarette. After you finisged eating that (takes 4-5 minutes), then you can drink water, or beer, soda etc. Don’t drink doing eating. It will have no effect.

The explication is simple.
The cigarette has so much tar (chemical compound) that is not a good taste at all.
The tabacco from cigarettes is not the same a chewing tabacco. Chewing tabacco is more natural, but it is a awful, awful habit, worst then smoking.
After and during eating that cigarette try not to trow up.
After that, try to smoke one. The taste and the smoke will provoke you dizziness and trowing up sensation. Then, every time you try to eat a cigarette or even smell the smoke, you will get sick.

With this method i managed to hep 3 people to quit smoking. Yes, it’s hard to beging eating it, or even finish eating it, but then you will have a smoke free life.

One other method is to smoke 2-3 expired cigarettes. Some 10-20 years old cigarettes, forgotten on the closet since you were teens and hid them from your parents. That method is simmilar with the cigarette eating, because the expired one has a nasty taste as well.

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