River filled with 737 parts

boeing-737-fuselages-in-riverBreaking news from Montana.
A train carrying parts manufactured by Wichita’s Spirt Aerosystems en route to Boeing’s final assembly plant in Washington, has derailed in Montana.
Linda Frost, Montana Rail Link: “19 cars derailed about 18 miles east of Superior around 4 p.m Thursday. Seven of the cars were carrying aircraft components, three cars soybeans, three cars with denatured alcohol and the other seven were empty, Frost said. The aircraft components landed in the Clark Fork River“.
No one was hurt. Trains have been rerouted while crews clear the debris. It is expected to reopen Saturday. Kenneth Evans, Sprit spokesman, confirms the train was carrying fuselages and other parts manufactured in Wichita. The cars originated in Kansas City and were heading to Boeing’s final assembly plant in Renton, Wash.

In a statement, Boeing said, “We have been informed that a BNSF train carrying six 737 fuselages and assemblies for the 777 and 747 derailed near Rivulet, Montana. We have deployed experts to the scene to begin a thorough assessment of the situation.
The cause remains under investigation.

And the best comment on that news was: “Don’t worry, you will fly in one of that planes next year“.
That was funny at the beginning, but if i recall, i’m afraid of planes and flying. Nevertheless, i only fly once. Well, twice, one flight from Bucharest to Larnaka (Cyprus), and the retour from Larnaka to Bucharest.
Anmt that comment, as funny as it was, have a spark of truth in it. I don’t know how much time they will allocate to investigate each fuselages, but i don’t want to fly next time in “dark-past fuselage”, if you get my drift.

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