Sabotage. The movie.

First time when i heard about Sabotage, i remember of Beastie Boys song. They don’t make music like that anymore. But, we’ll cover that up on another ocasion.

Now, the movie wasn’t bad, but also, it wasn’t so great. I mean, from Arnold i have great expectations. Even in The last stand, he was “The Terminator“, the good guy putting bad guys on the ground or behind bars.
Here, he is an excellent DEA agent, but also a thief. On a raid on a cartel’s villa, he and his team snuggle 10 millions USD.
Who will notice 10 millions is missing from 200-400 millions? And here we have the first goof of the movie.
How the internal affairs noticed 10 million is missing, when Breacher (Arnold) blow up the whole pile of money? I don’t get it…

Then the whole team is killed one by one. Breacher teams up with a female police officer, and tries to help the other team members. But all of them are dropping like flies.
Now, we all think that Breacher is the mastermind of all the killings. But what was the motive? That has no sense, so who the hell is killig them?
The movie is good, but it lacks credibility. And Arnold is like a terminal cancer patient, that has no desire to live any longer. He’s sloppy, the script sucks big time, the plot is so transparent…
We want a new blockbuster from Arnold. No, we don’t want, WE NEED!
Expendables 3 will come out on 15 august. I hope Arnold will have a nice role, even if it a secondary one. And we will have Maggie, a zombie thriller/ horror flick. Arnie in a zombie flick? That will be awesome! And if he pack the 341 minigun, even better.

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