At the seaside, we had a drunk russian slutty girl

zagarinoFive or six years ago (i think 7 years) i went at the seaside with two of my best friends. As usual i was alone, no girlfriend, but always horny as a motherf*cker. And, as usual, in the nights we got all drunk and ready to pick up slutty girls at Vama Veche, between low life drugged punks and drunk rockers. I was the only one who could mangle in that filthy crowd, i was the only “rocker wannabe” in our 3 members-group. I mean i had no long hair, no beard or mustache, no satanic t-shirt, no tattoos, just 7 silver rings (i’m so so sorry i cannot wear them anymore – i got married and the silver rings looks awful near the gold wedding ring), and a dog chain strapped to my trousers. I had a little Arnold-like haircut, and with the sunglasses i looked like a cyborg from hell. Something like Frank Zagarino in Shadowchaser.
So, the perfect unpicking outfit ever made. But I thought i looked cool and all the girls will fall at my ankles. Boy, i was so wrong!

And after a few drinks (i had a full backpack filled with booze) we went to a rave party at an open bar, 20 meters from the sea.
We keep on drinking (or at least me, my friends were much sober so they can carry me back to the tent after i passed out) and look for girls. and i don’t know what i was missing, or whatta hell i had extra, but all the girls were already combined. I see a filthy punker with 3 girls on his lap, all 4 dead drunk.
I see near me a blonde cutie, drunk as f*ck asking me for a beer.
– What? (the music was so loud).
– Beer!
– Yes, beer is good!
– I want beer!
– I want to f*ck!
– After my be…
and then she started to trow up in front of me.

Much to say i leave her alone and move to another girls, sitting kinda alone in a corner. All were ugly as hell, no matter how much i had to drink, those girls were unf*ckable…
Then i see the blonde vanishing with a dude in the darkness of the night. My friends come to me and say:
– No luck, that blonde bimbo is a russian slut man, let’s go to the tent, u’re wasted!
– I don’t care if she’s a slut, or Sister Mary from the catholic school, i want to get laid!

– Well, not that one, that’s the least to say!

And they were right. After a few minutes, the blonde come at the bar, pulling her skirt up (she was naked underneath), trowing up in the sand then asking another guy for a beer. That was her sex payment, a beer! I remembered the From dusk till down awesome monologue about the pussy:

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