Sex is the primordial need?

japanschoolgirlI’m thinking about the human needs. What’s the primordial need for a man? It is food and water? Shelter?
Well, NO! It’s SEX!
Yes, you read it right, sex. And read this article to understand my point of view.
We need water and food to survive, but we have sex for pleasure. Of course, we eat and drink for pleasure also (we are addicted to junk food!), but sex is the first think we have in mind when we wake up in the morning, and the last thing we have in mind when we go to sleep.
I’m wonderring what is happening in Japan. Because most of the youths between 16 and 24 never had sex or even think of it! That’s why Japan is now one of the lower natality rates in the word. Why is that, nobody seems to know. Teens don’t want to have sex. They prefer video games, cars, tech and another stuffs, but no sex.
And now i’m starting to undestand why some high school girls form Japan are so provocative. To increase natality.

A friend of mine was in Tokio a few years back, and he came back with some great stories to tell. In Tokio he entered in a sexshop to buy condoms. They ask him if the condom will be used for his wife/ girlfriend or a prostitute!
He was speechless for a few moments.
– Why do you ask?
– Because here we don’t have sex so much.
– And what’s my problem?
– Procreate, my friend, procreate!

He remained frozen for 10-20 minutes. Even now when i ask him about that, he tells me the japanese are crazy as hell.

I don’t really know what’s the story now in Japan. I seen a lot of weird-sex shows from there, highly appreciate to public. But, after i read a few days in a newspaper that Japan ‘teens won’t have sex, i remember my friend story. And I don’t think japanese are crazy (I don’t understand the sepukku thing – honorable death – suicide)…

For me a japanese person is smart. They made a lot of day by day gadgets what we can’t live without. Like TV, smartphones, laptops etc.
And now i’m wondering if this no-sex thing will extend to America and Europe as well.
Because we don’t have sex so much as before, but we surf this damn internet 8-12 hours a day!

I read yesterday that in Japan if a workes is sleeping, not to wake him up. He’s sleeping on the job because he’s tired. He’s tired because they work 10-14 hours per day, like ants. Or rice and fish eating little robots.
That’s what i think about when i see a japanese. A little robot.

3 thoughts on “Sex is the primordial need?

    1. I’m having sex 2-3 times per week. But some fine ass japanese girls don’t want to hear about it. Strange…
      But, then again, they do have another kind of mentality, which might look crazy to us, europeans.
      They don’t want to have sex, and chinese are not allowed to have more than 1 child!

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