Why, Undertaker? Why?

F5_on_the_Undertaker_at_WM30Brock Lesnar faced the Undertaker with Undertaker’s streak of victories at WrestleMania on the line. The match was a slow one with Undertaker looking old and worn down throughout. Lesnar survived a chokeslam while Undertaker did not succumb to Lesnar’s signature F5 maneuver. The Master of Pain twice trapped Lesnar in his Hell’s Gate submission, but both times Lesnar broke the hold by lifting Undertaker up and powerbombing him. Lesnar and Undertaker then traded locking each other in the kimura submission, but neither submitted. Lesnar then countered an Old School attempt by Undertaker into another F5, but The Master of Pain kicked out, then responded with a Last Ride powerbomb, then a Tombstone Piledriver into a pin, but Lesnar kicked out at two. As Undertaker attempted a second Tombstone Piledriver, Lesnar countered into a third F5 and covered him.

A three count was rendered, scoring a victory for Lesnar and ending the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania as Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman “freaked out” at the result. WWE did not play Lesnar’s theme music immediately after his victory, highlighting the reaction and sound of a shocked and stunned crowd. The crowd eventually booed Lesnar as he left first. Undertaker was left in the ring, where he gathered himself. As he took the long walk up the entrance ramp to backstage, WWE’s announcers gave him a standing ovation and Undertaker left to “thank you” chants from the crowd.
The Professional Wrestling Torch Newsletter described the end of the Streak as “one of the most shocking and depressing moments in WWE history“.
So, I ask you, Undertaker… WHY?

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