You want a pool? Well, don’t!

A few months ago, last fall, a friend of mine was so into digging up his back yard and building a swimming pool. I hailed the proposition, who doesn’t want to go 3 time a week to the swimming poll for free? Swimming, beer, barbeque…
He was starting to stack up coin by coin, until he had 5000 Euros. That’s how much he wanted to spend on his dream.

After 2-3 months he realized the pool is too expensive, so he figured out a scheme to cut off some unwanted expenses. So, rather that building the pool with marble tiles and so on, he decided to dig a hole, then buy a plastic swimming pool, that costs only 2500 Euros, stick it in the hole, put water in and let’s party like rockstars.

poolBut, we have a saying in our country: “The computation from home isn’t fitting with the one on the market – Socoteala de acasă nu se potrivește cu cea din târg“.
And why is that? Well, the plastic pool was 2500 euros. The construction team for digging in his backyard was another 1000 euros. Add more 500 Euros for food, beer and other expenses. The total was 4000 euros. Under his 5000 he had in mind. but, taxes for building a pool costs another 700 euros. Well, 300 Euros left.
He was ready to go. Even he find out professional and cheap parts for the pool, just by searching “hidrofoare oferta“, he didn’t realize that the water isn’t so cheap.
A mid size pool (7 meters by 4 meters by 1,5 meters height) means about 1200 liter of water. And a liter of fresh water costs aboiut 1,2 Euros. AND THAT’S BECAUSE HE WANTED TO TAKE WATER FROM THE SYSTEM. BECAUSE HE’S NOT EVEN NEAR A RIVER OR A SEA…
And after he did some calculation, the cost for a summer for that pool is… 15.000 Euros.

So, remember. If you want to build your own pool, keep in mind that water isn’t cheap. That’s why we see pools on hotels at the seaside, or 5 stars hotels, or wealthy people, that can trow away over 15.000 Euros, for them is pocket money. And so, he abandoned his plans about having a pool. Now he has another thought. Moving to a house near river. Because he thinks he can suck the water from there. Should i tell him that isn’t legal?

So, his dream is just that… just a dream! (as the girls in the pic)

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