Why do you want to visit Germany?

Growing in an ex-communist country, we were told to try to get out from Romania and get to Germany. At least, that is what our parents told us, despite the teacher’s goad about becoming a doctor, a teacher or policeman. I remembered in my third grade after the teacher asked in class the usual question “What do you want to became when you grow?“, my answer was “A hitlerist!“.
No need to relate the scandal i provoke. My parents were invited to school next day, and i got admonished in front of the class for my degrading act…

When indeed i grow, i see a massive flock of Romanians run away to Germany, after the fall of Berlin wall. They all told us left at home, that Germany is Paradise!
I don’t know about that, when i’m day-dreaming of Paradise i see virgin beaches, palm trees, sun, and a lot pf Dr. Pepper, cold as ice, served by hot topless Asian chicks. But, that’s just me.
saar river
After a year or so, i realized why Germany was the paradise for many of us. And i’m not very proud to admit this, but between 1991 and 1994, over 500.000 German cars were lifted by Romanians, who fled to Germany seeking that utopic Paradise. The cars were then sell in other ex-communist countries, or even South America.
I remeber in Drobeta Turnu Severin, where i lived in my childhood, from 4 cars, 2 were Dacias, one was Oltcit, and one was Mercedes. And over 80% of that Mercedeses cars were stolen…

So, that’s why we should visit Germany? To come back with a stolen car, just for the pride that i own a Mercedes? No, thanks. I’m better than that! I’m honest.
Nevertheless, we have a proverb here. “Cu mândria mori de foame – With pride you die by famine“. And unfortunately, that’s true in many occasions.
Now, after that dark times, i want to visit Germany for the pleasure of seeing another countries. I even want to go to Dark Forest mountain, just to see where The Danube wells from.
And, as a joke, i’m wondering if i can sail from Germany back to Romania. I can’t. It has some hydro power plants on the way down to the Black Sea. Two of them are in Severin…
BTW, why do you want to visit Germany?

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