Who wants to be a clown?

scary-clownIf you wonder why do i think that America is the mother of creepiness, i will tell you.
Zapping the TV last night, i ended on the Taboo TV show. Oh my God, the horrors!
There was a couple of clowns, maked up to look like some scarry creatures emerged from hell. White faces, red noses and blooded mouths. They wanted to be clowns all the time, even talking about some surgical intervention, so they can look that horrible without any make-up.
Wow! How stupid is that? They even had another set of voices from reality. And they didn’t want to show their real faces and identities.
All i know they have a lots of tattoos, because i see the woman covering her inked chest with make-up. I bet they are some vodevill enthusiasts, that now perform in something called “Freak shows“. Only in America!

And why i’m so turned on against that so called shows? Because i hate Halloween. What is that? Latelly, even romanians adopted that idiot trend comming from United States, and walk dressed at demons, skeletons and zombies all over town, going to some weird costume party.
Boy, i tell you, when some kid dressed up like a devil calld at my dor yelling “Treat or trick“, he better not be afraid if i push him down the stairs or crack his skull with an axe (yeah, i know, to much TV. American movies are to blame!!!).

I have no idea what is this Halloween and why we took it like a regular holiday? I don’t recognise that Valentines Day as well. I’m not against it, it’s a symbol of love and so on, even if we had our Dragobete, long before Valentine Day ever apper. But me and my wife we don’t celebrate this invented holiday.
chipdaleWith this asscending trend, what am i gonna do when my kid wants me to trow him/her a birthday party?
After seeing some costume parties at coleagues from kindergarden, he/ she will want the same thing, right?
And i’m scared of clowns, damn it. I don’t know why, but i’m afraid. I better start making friend with Infinity Events guys. Because when my kid want a party, i will request some cartoon puppet, they will send Chip and Dale, Donald Duck, Minnie, a fairy, a pirate, anything but a clown.
Imagine a party with 20 kids and one parent locked in a room scared about that clown surrounded by kids.

I look into this, and there are a lot of people scared of clowns. Scare of clown is called Coulrophobia. And the cure, as in any other phobias, is interraction with that object, animal or person that you are so scared about, until you no longer will be afraid of it.

And if you ask me again why i’m afraid of clowns, you will get that answer that will become a stereotype. American movies are to blame! And so, i rest my case.
I remember a 90’s movie, when some folks wondered why teens have no more respect for the elders. And the answer was epic: Rap music!

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