What’s a narcissist?

Narcissism is a term that originated with Narcissus in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.

emilWe all know the old joke with the dictionary. Under the line with “word” you’ll see a big picture of….
So, following that idea, if someone looks up in a dictionary to see what narcissist means, he probably find out a picture of this guy. His name is Emil Călinescu, a romanian blogger/ freelancer.
This dude is so narcissist, so egocentric that he makes even the most serene man angry as hell. He thinks that’s the best way to get noticed. The strategy works, no complains here, but he’s becoming annoying. Why do you thing he got the minunat.eu blog? Minunat means gorgeous. And eu means… me. He probably is gonna buy Gorgeous.me domain now 🙂
But the dude’s my friend, nevertheless. So i try to help him lower his ill narcissism. That’s bad from PR point of view. Or, at least, that’s what i think.
Beside that, the guy has a big heart and he helps anybody who needs a hand. He’s a good guy, one of the fewest that i trust in. And trust isn’t gonna be sold on the flea market, trust is earned.

And why i’m telling you all about that? Maybe he will get a heads up with this post.
I hope this post will not get him upset. Neah, he’s gonna buy me a beer. Or make that two. An a Snickers bar.
Two beer or not two beer? That is the question!

4 thoughts on “What’s a narcissist?

    1. I’m wondering how the mirror didn’t pack the bags and run to Norway. How it stood still. It must be the Chuck Norris’s mirror. But then, how the “minunat” has Chuck’s mirror?!?

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