Who’s to blame?

I have a fishy situation. 30+ bikers and one big SUV. Now, look at the movie and please tell me your decision. Who’s to blame in this case?
You all know i don’t really like bikers, especially when they are in groups. And when they are alone or 2-3, they disturb 2-3 blocks with their full throttled engine.
In this case, who’s to blame? I say both, but i can explain the SUV drivers behavior. We see the white bike screeching in front of him. Then we see the SUV run over 2-3 bikes as he runs away.
I don’t know what the driver did to annoy the bikers, but if 30 bikers try to stop me, i will do the same thing, try to run away from them. I wonder if the guy was heading straight to the Police station. That’s what i did.
– Yes, i run over 3 bikes because i was afraid for my life. they were 30, i was alone.

L.E. Seems that this isn’t such a news, as i thought, and the SUV driver had his wife and 2 year old toddler on the back of the SUV. and he felt threttened, so he run over a biker who’s now in a wheelchair for life.
Later, as the movie stops, the drives was badly injured by the angry bikers, and was left on the ground on a pool of blood, in front of his wife and child. He was released from hospital after 2 weeks, and faced no criminal charges.


And here we have parts from an interview with that biker. I try not to take anyone’s part, but that biker looks like a recidivist…

And, furthermore, that mob of bikers had similar attacks on another traffic participants, over the years.

And i now remember a true story:

A few years back, in the middle of the day, a driver passing a gypsy town, at reglementary speed, 50km/hour. Suddenly, a young boy jumps on the front of the car. The kid was only 4 years old. The driver had no chance to stop, and the kid dies. Shortly after, the car was surrounded by an angry mob, armed with axes, knifes, you name it. The only chance of the driver was to put the car in gear and get the hell out of there. Few years back a similar situation was in that town, and that driver was killed on site.

So, this driver drove away straight to police station. He was later released, no criminal records.

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